UPEC Professionals

UPEC Professionals

Mario Franklin

– TPI Certified Titleist Performance Institute – Levels 1 & 2
– Tathata Golf Certified Specialist
– Bachelors of Science Degree in Movement & Kinesiology from the University of La Verne
– Certified Sports Performance Specialist & Personal Fitness Trainer
– Certifications from NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine
– Certified Optimal Performance Trainer (OPT)
– Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
– Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
– Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (SCS)

Mario has over 25 years in the sports performance industry. His intensive knowledge in kinesiology and the human body gives him the immense ability to focus on the fitness goal of any athlete. With his continuous ambition to help athletes of all ages he was able to form UPEC Fitness as a place that allows them to further their knowledge physically and mentally to evolve in their sport. As a young athlete himself, starting off as a football player, he soon found a new passion for a new sport… Golf… Where he has established all the fundamentals it takes to perform in this sport. From Speed, Strength, Flexibility, Accuracy & Distance, the programs that he develops can take any athlete from amateur to collegiate and even to professional. He has proven his methods over many times and will continue to advance every student that steps into UPEC.

Eddie Bocanegra

Golf Movement & Swing Expert

– PGA Associate for 10 years
– Mizuno Fitting Instructor for 10 years
– Affiliated with Titleist & Mizuno as a staff member

Eddie is a classically trained golf professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As a long time, staff member of Red Hill Country Club, he has encouraged hundreds of golfers wanting advance. As a staple of the community, he has been nicknamed “Bocamatic” by his students for his keen ability to see the problem quickly. His goal is to further equip his students in their advancement in the game of life called golf.

Yating, Tina Yang

Movement & Swing Specialist

– Tina Yang is a professional golfer holding a bachelor’s degree at the California Baptist University (CBU) during that time she was playing on the women’s golf team on a full scholarship.
– From 2016 thru 2019 she played on the LPGA Symetra tour
– Holds x3 TPI – Titleist Performance Institute Certifications; Level 1, Level 2 & Junior 2
Currently taking the PGA – PGM Program to improve her golf knowledge so that she can become a better golf coach and future golf professional
With Tina’s experience in the game of golf, she has established multiple relationships with schools and additional youth golfers to help improve their game. Her knowledge and continued education makes her the perfect movement & swing coach.

Mark Segat

Expert Trainer & Speed Coach

– Mark’s background starts with a 20+ year baseball career
– After graduating, he had professional baseball career in Europe and Australia
– His additional experience is in Coaching baseball from 16-19, Frozen Ropes  Lead Trainer & P.I.T (pitch inside training) Lead trainer
– He is currently studying kinesiology at the University of La Verne
With Marks knowledge & background in sports, he started working at a Golf Course, which gave him a new interest in the game of golf. Noticing similarities in the two sports he got certified as a personal trainer, creating workouts focusing on rotational power, hand speed and lower half strength and flexibility.

Melissa Herzog

Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

– NASM Certified in Fitness Nutrition
– NASM Certified as a Master Trainer
– Certified in Cardio Kickboxing through 9Round Fitness

Melissa is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and enjoys motivating others to meet their personal fitness goals. She believes that proper nutrition and exercise are the key to a lifetime of health, energy, and well-being. Quote she lives by; “Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!”

Sunny Wang

Movement & Swing Specialist

– Sunny has a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology from California Baptist  University with a full ride scholarship on the NCAA D1 Golf Team.
– 4-time NCAA All-American
– WAC Conference first time team selection.
– TPI – Titleist Performance Institute Certified; Level 1

Sunny has been playing golf for over 15 years. She can help you find your own custom swing and pinpoint exactly what is missing in your swing, causing breakthrough results in her students. Utilizing updated technology, she is able to record your swing and give you a full analysis. She can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.